Posted 2 years ago

NFL are Gold Sponsors of the upcoming Essex Landlord Show at the Arlington Rooms on Thursday 29th June.

If you are currently a landlord or hope to be in the future you’ll want to maximise the return on your property portfolio. Need help understanding the rules and regulations? Want to find out more about holding properties in Limited companies? Want clarification from experienced professionals on how to grow a profitable portfolio? Join us for our ‘Ask the... expert Q&A’ as well as presentations from the following experts:

R3 Mortgages
• Andrews Wealth
Nairnsey Fisher & Lewis
• Essex Letting Angel
• Barrons
• Griffiths Allen

With the constant changes, it’s hard to keep up as managing a portfolio on a day to day basis can be very time consuming. That’s why the Essex Landlord Show has put together a panel of specialists so you can discover their hints and tips that you will find beneficial.


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